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Eye Care Combo (Wake-up Under eye Patches-Pack of 6, Eye Care Gel, Sleeping Balm)

Eye Care Combo (Wake-up Under eye Patches-Pack of 6,  Eye Care Gel, Sleeping Balm)

Eye Care Combo (Wake-up Under eye Patches-Pack of 6, Eye Care Gel, Sleeping Balm)

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Don't let your under eyes be a bad remake of 50 Shades Darker. It's time to say bye to puffy and dark under eyes for good!


Product Description

Life is tough, and before you know it, you've spotted yourself in a mirror with panda-like eyes. Under eyes are one of the fragile and sensitive areas on your face, and you might not have the time to take care of them properly. 

Well, we've got this perfect combo that enables you to get reduced puffiness, darkness, dryness, and wrinkles for your under eyes! Our combo doesn't even take a few minutes to put on, and can make a ton of difference when it comes to making you look more energetic and awake!

Why is it so special?

The Wake-Up Under Eye Patches are perfect when you have the time to give a little tender loving care to your under eyes. Not all of us can retain that eternally young look as we're getting older, and these patches help you rewind the clock on your skin just a tiny bit! 3 packets with 2 patches in each.


Don't let your life lead the way your skin looks. Make small changes to see some spectacular results!

The Eye Gel is the perfect remedy for when you're rushing out the door but have spotted your puffy under eyes! Nobody wants to walk out the door looking like a tired mess, so dab this on your under eyes when you're short on time.

The Sleeping Balm is perfect when you're getting the type of Insomnia that just won't go away. Relax your body and mind completely with this fragrant and calming balm in a matter of minutes!

The Ideal Way to Use Our Under Eye Patches

Step 1: Cleanse and dry your face. Peel the plastic liner from the eye patch
Step 2: Apply the patches as shown on the packaging. Smooth them out on your skin
Step 3: Wear for 30 minutes
Step 4: Remove them gently after 30 minutes

The Ideal Way to Use Our Eye Gel

Step 1: Dab under your eyes gently
Step 2: Wait for it to sink into your skin
Step 3: Enjoy instant refreshing relief!



The Ideal Way to Use Our Sleeping Balm

Step 1: Get ready for bed (lie down in bed)
Step 2: Take a little balm and rub it into your pulse points (under nose, on lips, on sides of forehead)
Step 3: Take deep breaths for relaxation and enjoy a good night's sleep!


The package will consist of a Wake-up Undereye Patches (3 packets with 2 patches in each), Eye Gel, Sleeping Balm and lots of love from Anatomicals.

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