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Facial Rollers and Gua Shas: Useful or Not?

You might have heard of Gua Shas and Facial Rollers in the past; after all, they were the craziest trend to hit the market since sheet masks. While many people hopped on the trend instantly, many others were a bit skeptical about what a bunch of stones could do to their skincare game.

Just like natural and chemical-free products are becoming popular with people today, so are these gadgets. You can buy paraben-free products online, and you can buy facial rollers and more online as well. 

Well, gals and guys, we have some news to share. Facial rollers and Gua Shas are definitely here to stay, and we’re not surprised in the least. After learning a bit more about them, we’re sure that you’ll be itching to get your hands on these tools too!

What are Facial Rollers?

You might have glanced upon a facial roller while you were mindlessly scrolling through Instagram or when your friend came to stay over. This nifty tool is typically made from a type of stone, commonly jade or rose quartz (although trendier colors and stones are available too).

A facial roller helps massage your face in various ways, and they usually have a small and a larger roller. Depending on what results you’re expecting, you can use them alongside a facial oil or serum. 

What are Gua Shas?

A gua sha is similar to a facial roller, except it’s different in various ways. It was initially used as a traditional Chinese healing tool to put pressure on your skin. A professional (or you!) will use long scraping motions to ensure that blood flows optimally through the targeted area.

Typically, Gua Shas can be used anywhere on your body, but we’ll stick to Gua Shas for the face only for our article. Initially, the tool is applied to the skin with a bit of pressure, and gradually the pressure increases. It helps with blood flow and creates a natural lift to the skin. It can also help release the toxins trapped within your skin and naturally aid the skin in healing. 

How Do They Help?

There are multifold benefits to using a facial roller and gua sha, including:

  • Decreasing puffiness all over the face
  • Enhances skin texture
  • Calms and soothes skin
  • Relieves any inflammation
  • Helps with blood flow
  • Can increase the absorption of skin care product

There are also several other benefits to using a gua sha and facial roller, like relieving migraines, easing perimenopausal symptoms, and more. Using either of these two can help improve your mood and relax your facial muscles as well.

Worth the Investment?

When you’re wondering whether these two beauty gadgets are worth the money, fear not! We’ve read up on expert reviews to tell you why these gadgets should be your next buy. If you’re looking for a facial tool that doesn’t require excessive effort and can help you feel miles better, then this is it.

If you feel like you have constant puffiness and bloating on your face, especially during the nights and mornings, a session with one of these tools might be exactly what you need. However, be aware that you need to use these tools almost every day to see effective results. 

When you’re planning to use the Gua Sha on your body, it might be worthwhile to look for the best body lotion online that you can use before you use the gadget. Both of these tools require some serum or lotion to be applied beforehand for best results. 

What To Consider Before Buying these Beauty Tools

If you’re on the fence about investing in these tools, fret not! Consider getting one that applies to your situation more than the other to test out. You can find affordable versions of these gadgets all over the Internet, and it’s perfect when you’re just looking for a starter piece.

While using a facial roller or gua sha won’t help you lose weight from your face or anything of the sort, you can notice better skin texture and glow over time. You won’t have permanent results from these gadgets unless you’re using them really, really long term (and we’re talking years!)