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About Us

The brand is highly inspired by the idea to drop the concept of promoting beauty regimes across the nation. We figured you don’t want to learn about the science behind our formulations, nor we intend to bore you with their tedious backstories.  So here, instead of no matter how seriously we take pampering and regardless of how seriously great our products are, we don’t present them in a serious manner. everything we sell is packaged with a wry frivolity. indeed, we never thought anyone would be interested enough to click on a section entitled: ABOUT US now seems faintly ridiculous. perhaps we should have called it ABOUT TIME because if you’ve never bought anatomicals before, it’s certainly about time you did.


Britain’s cheekiest bath and body brand, now in India that only wants you for your body! Approaching skincare with a whimsical attitude, Anatomicals is the cult beauty brand that only wants you for your body. Creating compelling beauty products complete with tongue-in-cheek design, Anatomicals is set to shake up your skincare routine.




At Anatomicals, we manufacture the world’s funkiest toiletries and so far people seem to like them. Exactly like oxygen, water, gravity and fudge cake, you’ll soon wonder how you lived without us. Fun, funky and frivolous. A bath and body range featuring creative and arresting on pack slogans with witty read- in-the-bathroom labels.