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The Airhead’s Guide to Shiny, Healthy Hair

More than 70% of women say that a bad hair day can directly affect their confidence (we KNEW we weren’t the only ones!) and it’s not really surprising. Most of us associate a lot of our ideas of beauty and confidence with our hair, and when your hair isn’t as shiny and healthy as you’d want it to be, it can definitely be a bummer.

At Anatomicals, we realize that your hair can be a huge part of you loving yourself. That’s why we came up with some super easy peasy tips you can use to keep your mane fiercely gorgeous always!

Brush Your Hair Before You Shower Please!

Regardless of what your hair texture or how dirty your hair may be, taking two minutes to comb your hair before you head into the shower never hurt anybody! Your hair is vulnerable when it's wet, and brushing it during that time can make it prone to breakage. 

Brushing it beforehand allows your shampoo and conditioner to distribute evenly. An added bonus is that your hair is ready to style as soon as it's dry!

Get on the Sulfate-Free Bandwagon

There is definitely one place sulfates don’t belong, and that’s on your head. While your shampoo lather may be fooling you into thinking it's making your hair clean, sulfates can end up damaging your hair over time considerably.

Lucky for you, we’ve got the perfect shampoo+conditioner duo that’ll make your hair worries go bye-bye! Our Avocado Shampoo and Conditioner gives you tresses just like Aphrodite’s and if you think we’re kidding, you can go ask the Follicle Oracle yourself!

Let the Air Dry Your Hair

Styling your hair with the latest hair tools may seem cool...that is, until it ends up frying your hair. Using an excessive amount of heat on your hair can make it weak over time, and leave you with split ends in no time. 

It’s best to avoid hair styling equipment altogether unless you’re using curlers on your hair when it’s wet. Too much heat can end up permanently damaging your hair beyond repair, so watch out and say no to hair styling tools!!!

Dare to Layer That Hair

You might be under the impression that cutting your hair can make it shorter and slower to grow. Well, while cutting can definitely make your hair shorter, it’s only temporary! Cutting your hair can help get rid of the split ends that make your hair more prone to breakage and can make your hair shorter in no time.

Getting a regular trim every two months is ideal, and if you really can’t bear to lose those tresses, just ask your hairdresser for a light trim that only gets rid of the split ends.

Invest in Quality

While we don’t recommend spending thousands of bucks just buying the right hair products, we do advise you to find some quality hair care to maintain your natural gloss and shine. Find affordable hair products, like our Avocado Shampoo and Conditioner, that can keep your hair healthy and shiny, no matter what the weather might be like! 

Sleeping on silk pillowcases and maintaining a healthy diet are also crucial elements of keeping your hair amazing! While there are a ton of things you can do to maintain your luscious mane, this is for all the basic Airheads who have no clue where to start!