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The Ideal Weekend Guide to Unwind

When the normal stress and hustle bustle of your life has got you feeling down and in dire need of some relaxation, we’ve got the perfect suggestions to give that the best weekend ever. Whether you’re looking for selfcare, or some intellectual enlightenment (if that’s how you wanna roll, we’re totally not judging!), we’ve got some fantastic ways for all kinds of guys and gals!

Many opt to give themselves some pampering as a way to unwind by taking care of their body and skin, whether you want to chill by putting on a face mask and watching a movie, or by having a thorough shower session and using body scrub and lotion afterwards too!

It’s hard to switch off from work or study mode to ‘relaxation’ mode, and the best thing to help you unwind from your daily grind is to take a mental time-out. Before you start doing any relaxing activities, just take ten minutes to close your eyes and put your mind in the zone. It can help you feel refreshed and zen in no time at all.

Enjoy Some Time to Yourself

Most jobs require you to be in constant communication with your colleagues or clients. Take this unwinding time to love yourself and feel connected to your emotions. Whether you want to have a spa day and indulge in treating your skin to some pampering or by reading a book, do a solitary activity that can help you feel more calm. 

We recommend using a body scrub and face pack to give your skin some loving nourishment during this time too! The Anatomicals Range has multiple lotions and scrubs available in different fragrances to suit every type of need!

Get that Body Movin’

The best thing to do when you’re not stuck to your laptop or chair is to get your blood going! Whether you prefer a relaxing exercise like yoga or prefer something that gets your heart pumping like a good ol’ cardio or even a HIIT class, take advantage of being away from electronics by sweating out your week’s stress. Even a simple fifteen minute walk outdoors can refresh you like you’d never imagine!

Chat up your buddies and family

Your normal schedule can leave you out in the dark when it comes to catching up with your friends and family. Take this time to gossip, make jokes and share stories with those you love. Having a meaningful and heartfelt conversation can unburden your mind and heart, leaving you revitalized for the following week


The weekend is the best time to catch up on all those shows and movies you missed out while you were working. Whether you want to watch a Friends rerun or laugh through the latest Rick & Morty season, take this time to enjoy and relax your mind through a passive activity.

Weekend Getaway!

You definitely can’t do this every weekend, but if there’s a long weekend coming up, there’s nothing better than getting away from the city life to something much more scenic and revitalizing for your mind and body. Check yourself in for a weekend retreat and out from a stressful mind!

Stay in Bed

Hey, we’re all lazy sloths at the end of the day. Nobody likes getting out of bed early in the morning during weekdays, so spend your weekend not moving an inch from the bed. We’d recommend you order in to treat yourself to something a little special ;) 

Give Yourself a Chance to Chill Out and Enjoy Life this Weekend

We don’t mean to boss you around, but you’d probably be better off unplugging from your electronics and even social media when you need to totally relax. You may not realize it but even mindless scrolling and constant alerts on your devices can end up inducing stress.

At Anatomicals, our motto is that we want you for your body, and we think you shouldn’t forget that either. Love yourself as you are, and give much needed TLC to your skin and body so you don’t feel bogged down by your non-stop lifestyle. 

Make this weekend about you completely to avoid burnout and fatigue in the future. It’s important to have these constant breaks for your mental and physical well-being, so don’t forget, it’s all about loving yourself!