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Understand Why Your Skin Gets Dry

Winters are a tough time for your skin, and understandably so. You don’t go out without wearing jackets during the frigid cold, so why should your skin be without protection? Skin can get dry and flaky during winter when you’re not taking care of your skin the right way.

Sometimes, the stress of having a routine can make you not want to do it at all. When you feel like you can’t take care of yourself because that would mean you have to spend a lot of time you don’t want to, don’t worry! Do what you can do and feels right for YOU. 

External Factors Causing Dryness

Your body is made up of more than 60% water. When your skin starts losing that moisture or doesn’t have it in the first place, you start noticing the dryness. Depending on how you’re living, the dryness can be caused by many different things.

The winter air is very dry, and that dryness robs your skin of the moisture it does have. Sometimes, even when you put on a light body lotion, it might not be enough to retain moisture in your skin throughout the day. Washing your hands or body repeatedly can also lead to dryness, especially when you’re doing it with scalding hot water. 

If you’re swimming in chlorinated pools regularly, that can also be another reason why your skin feels so dry. Drinking less water can also lead to dryness, not just outside but inside your body as well. Using a humidifier when you’re inside can help remedy some of that dryness. 

Not Taking Care of Yourself

When you’re constantly busy in the hustle and bustle of life, there’s no time for you to dedicate to your body and skin. Many people struggle today with making the time for self-care, and we totally don’t blame them. 

Taking care of yourself means that you don’t have the time to put on body lotion, exfoliate or nurture your body the way you should. When you don’t take the time to do these things, you could be looking at various dry patches on your body and feel frustrated. 

Finding Out What Your Skin Needs

If you’ve seen a dry patch or two on your skin or feel generally uncomfortable because your skin feels tight, it might be time to look at some products and ways you can moisturize your skin.

Depending on the type of skin you have, you can look at different products to compensate for what you’re missing. However, that means you need to think carefully and observe what your skin needs. If you have dry patches or tightness, you might just need some moisturizing. If your skin is flaking, it might be time for exfoliation and so on. 

Using the Right Products

Finding the right products for your skin is essential when you want to ensure its long-term health. Not taking care of your skin can make you more prone to wrinkles, saggy skin, stretch lines, and much more. When you can take care of it now, why wait till later? 

At Anatomicals, we provide products that make your skin look great, and your mind feel good. Our easy-to-use products are moisturizing and can revitalize your skin in no time. Consider checking out our Body lotions range when you’re looking for some deep moisturization.

If you’re having problems with flaky skin, consider using our Body Scrubs to ensure that your body is smooth, glowy, and radiant! Soaps can also be drying for your skin, so consider switching to a Body Cleanser (psstttt…..we carry a ton of them in amazing fragrances)

Say Bye to Dry Skin For Good!

Take care of yourself, and you’ll automatically start seeing the results. You don’t have to live with constantly dry skin, and there’s no reason to wait any longer. It’s time to stop reading and start doing! Go grab that moisturizer and lather it all over, because why not?

It’s time to banish dry skin, for good!!