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Anatomicals Lemon Deodorant Spray

Anatomicals Lemon Deodorant Spray

Anatomicals Lemon Deodorant Spray

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When life gives you lemons, don't fall in the pits, spray it instead!

Anatomicals The Absolute Pits Lemon Deodorant Spray is made for all the pits out there (smelly or not!). Whether you're a sweaty mess, or a fragrance addict, this spray is perfect for all your needs. So guys and gals out there, what are you waiting for? Get that zesty Lemon feeling when you're giving this a try!


Product Application Demonstration
The Absolute Pits Lemon deodorant spray is ideal when you're looking to get your body rid off sweat. Get drier than any martini out there when you're looking to last through the day. Raise your glass, oh no, we mean your arms, when you've got us to watch your back (ahem…pits). Pull us out of any bag faster than eyes can catch with our compact packaging that you can carry anywhere.



With a revitalising lemon scent, this body spray is bound to keep you fresh throughout the day


Why is it so special?

When you need to feel awake, there's nothing better than reenergising yourself with this refreshing Lemon boost. Rejuvenate yourself instantly when our handy spray is in your pocket at all times!


Make this Spray your partner-in-crime whenever you're out or in, anytime and anywhere!

What's Inside Our Lovely Bottle?

A whole lot of Lemon freshness awaits you when you're opening this nifty bottle for your daily use. Plus, did we mention that this vibrant yellow color is to die for? Don't get down in the dumps about the sweat when this happy yellow bottle is there to take care of it!


Feel stimulated and refreshed through this Lemon freshness!

Product Ingredients

Aqua, EDTA, Ecorich protect, ENA, Allantoin, Propylene Glycol, CareMag D, Caffeine Anhydrous, Tween 60, Perfume


Aqua Deodorant Spray

The Ideal Way to Use Our Body Spray 

Step 1: Open the deodorant
Step 2: Spray onto your underarms and anywhere else on your body as required
Step 3: Use daily



The package will consist of an Anatomicals Lemon Deodorant Spray and lots of love from Anatomicals.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Please don't buy this as it is NOT worth for the money you spend for just 60 ml

Manish Kumar

It's a bit should be strong but with little variant flavour